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Resources - SJIG Archives

The Archive Committee organizes and stores historic materials regarding the South Jersey Intergroup.  We gather histories of the groups and Old-timers for our area.  If you have historic documents/literature to donate or would like to be interviewed about your group's story or your own personal story, please email us at

Archive Tidbits :: October History

Oct 1936 Bill C. a Canadian alkie staying at Bill's house, committed suicide using a gas stove.
Oct 1939 1st central committee formed in Cleveland; 1st example A.A. rotation.
Oct 1942 1st issue of Cleveland Central Bulletin is published.
Oct 1944 First non American branch started in Sydney, Australia by Father T V Dunlea & Rex.
Oct 1951 Lasker Award given to AA by American Public Health Assoc.
Oct 1951 Sister Ignatia wrote "Care of Alcoholics ? St.Thomas Hospital & A.A. Started Movement Which Swept Country" article in "Hospital Progress," the journal of Catholic Hospital Association.
Oct 1954 The "Alcoholic Foundation" renamed the "General Service Board of A.A."
Oct 1958 Playhouse 90 TV airs "The Days of Wine and Roses".
Oct 1, 1941 Local news reports 1st AA Group in New Haven, CT.
Oct 1, 1957 Book "A.A. Comes of Age" published.
Oct 2, 1944 Marty M. founded National Committee Education Alcoholism, later became National Council on Alcoholism.
Oct 3, 1945 AA Grapevine adopted as national publication of AA.
Oct 5-7, 1972 2nd World Service meeting held in New York.
Oct 5, 1988 Lois Burnam Wilson died.
Oct 6, 1941 900 dine at Cleveland dinner for Dr. Bob.
Oct 8, 1988 Memorial Service for Lois W at Stepping Stones, NY.
Oct. 9-11, 1969 1st World Service meeting held in New York with delegates from 14 countries.
Oct 10, 1943 6 of 1st 9 AA's attend clubhouse anniv. in Toledo.
Oct 10, 1970 Lois reads "Bills Last Message" at annual dinner in NY.
Oct 10, 1988 Lois is buried next to Bill in Manchester, Vermont.
Oct 13, 1947 "The Melbourne Group" held its first meeting in Australia.
Oct 14, 1939 Journal of American Medical Association gives Big Book unfavorable review.
Oct 15, 1904 Marty M, early AA woman, is born in Chicago.
Oct 17, 1935 Ebby T, Bills sponsor, moves in with Bill and Lois.
Oct 20, 1928 Bill wrote promise to Lois in family Bible to quit drinking. By Thanksgiving added second promise.
Oct 21, 1939 Cleveland Plain Dealer begins series of articles on AA of by Elrick Davis.
Oct 22, 1963 E M Jellinek, alcoholism educator and AA friend dies.
Oct 24, 1942 L.A. Times reports AA groups in 14 California cities.
Oct 24, 1943 Wilson's start 1st major A.A. tour, returned Jan 19, 1944.
Oct 24, 1973 Trustee's Archives Committee of AA has its 1st meeting.
Oct 28, 1994 National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence celebrates 50 years.

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Personal Histories

We are collecting personal histories of AA members with 30+ years of sobriety. These histories help us to learn more about the beginnings of AA in our area, as well as understand how AA has changed over the years.

If you or someone you know, would like to be interviewed, click here to contact the committee chairperson.

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