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Resources - SJIG Archives

The Archive Committee organizes and stores historic materials regarding the South Jersey Intergroup.  We gather histories of the groups and Old-timers for our area.  If you have historic documents/literature to donate or would like to be interviewed about your group's story or your own personal story, please email us at

Archive Tidbits :: August History

Aug 1934 Rowland H and Cebra persuade court to parole Ebby T. to them.
Aug 1939 Dr. Bob wrote & may have signed article for Faith magazine.
Aug 1941 1st meeting in Orange County, California held in Anaheim
Aug, 1981 Sales of the Big Book passes 3,000,000
Aug 1981 Distribution of Alcoholics Anonymous passes 3 million.
Aug 1, 1943 Washington Times-Herald (DC) reports on AA clubhouse, to protect anonymity withholds address.
Aug 3, 1954 Brinkley S. gets sober at Towns Hosp after 50th detox.
Aug 8, 1879 Dr. Bob born in St. Johnsbury, VT.
Aug 9, 1943 LA groups announce 1000 members in 11 groups.
Aug 11, 1938 Akron & NY members begin writing stories for Big Book.
Aug 15, 1890 E M Jellinek is born, author of "The Disease Concept of Alcoholism" and the "Jellinek Curve".
Aug 16, 1939 Dr Bob and Sister Ignatia admit 1st alcoholic to St Thomas Hospital, Akron, Ohio.
Aug 18, 1988 1st Canadian National AA Convention in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Aug 19, 1941 1st AA Meeting in Colorado is held in Denver.
Aug 25, 1943 AA group donates Big Book to public library in Quincy, MA.
Aug 26, 1941 Bill writes Dr Bob to tell him Works Publishing has been incorporated
Aug 28, 1954 "24 Hours a Day" is published by Richmond W.

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Personal Histories

We are collecting personal histories of AA members with 30+ years of sobriety. These histories help us to learn more about the beginnings of AA in our area, as well as understand how AA has changed over the years.

If you or someone you know, would like to be interviewed, click here to contact the committee chairperson.

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